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6 Tips for Keeping Your Business Servers Safe

Improve your business server security with these tips.

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Unfortunately, we live in an age where online security is certainly not a given, especially for larger corporations. Even government servers can be compromised, though they often have some of the toughest security out there. If your company has sensitive information on file, such as personal information of employees and clients, it’s vitally important you take steps to make hacking your business servers as difficult as possible. In order to maintain your company’s integrity, you need to offer your customers the peace of mind that their information is safe with you. Here are some tips on how best to protect your business server.

Limit physical access

This tip is certainly not one that people would immediately think of, but it’s still vitally important. When you think of hackers, you probably imagine someone from outside of your company attempting to compromise your systems, but someone within the business or who is currently in the building could just as easily access the physical server if it’s somewhere that’s too easily accessible.

Invest in good antivirus software

Far too many businesses skimp on this important step when it’s ultimately what could make or break your server’s security. Actually take the time to research antivirus software and figure out what kind would work best for your business. Even if it’s a little pricey, the security is worth the cost.

Encrypt the information

When holding information on your company server, make sure it’s properly encrypted. Do not simply hold personal information in a straightforward manner; if your servers get hacked, this format makes it much easier for hackers to access the personal information. You can keep information on encrypted disks or programs and then require additional passwords to decrypt that data.

Periodically update passwords

It’s easy for a small task like this one to be overlooked when you’re busy running an entire company. However, oversights like forgetting to update passwords are what can compromise your business’s security. Aim to change everyone’s passwords, as well as though unique to your servers, at least once a quarter.

Always update the system

Software updates often take large amounts of time and can be tedious, but they’re vitally important in order to keep your servers as secure as possible. Regularly check for updates and install them immediately to keep your security system as up-to-date as possible.

Regularly audit the security

Finally, it’s important to find time to regularly audit your entire security system. Research if there are more up-to-date ways to protect your business server and make any changes necessary. Try to complete this audit at least once a year. Also, remember to periodically check if any of your security measures have been compromised, so you are not caught unawares.

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